Planning a Road Trip?

Our maps will assist truckcampers in planning a road trip, looking for a campsite and boondocking site, a recommended location for a meal? We have included places of interest to stop along your route(s), whether for one night, two, or a week of camping.


There are ten layers on the map –you can select and display one layer separately or multiple layers simultaneously.

 1st layer of flags are campgrounds recommended by other truckcampers in the USA, Canada, and Baja California.

The other nine layers include:

  • places you may want to consider adding to a “bucket list” while traveling
  • historic sites found along Route 66
  • a participial list of hot springs for relaxing after a day of travel
  • RV parks that other truckcampers have recommended
  • RV parks that other truckcampers have NOT recommended
  • a list of Cabala’s and Bass Pro where you stop for the night as you are passing through on the Interstate
  • some National Park camping site
  • dump stations locations – those that are free and those that charge a fee
  • restaurants and dinners that other truck campers have recommended.

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