Generators for Boondocking Truck Campers

Honda vs. Westinghouse

Honda generator                            Westinghouse generator

For many boondocking truck campers, an inverter generator is a necessity. Truck camper boondocking

Today’s current generators are quieter, lighter, and fuel-efficient than traditional generators. They produce clean harmonic power distortion needed to protect sensitive electronic equipment such as computers, tablet readers, cell phones, and appliances.  Reviewing various manufacturer’s units, the biggest compared item between generators is the price.  You should also take other specifications and options into consideration.

         Honda                                           Westinghouse
EU2200i                                              iGen2500

3 Years              Warranty                   3 Years

$1049                    Price                            $679


121cc                                       98cc

Overhead Cam                      Overhead Valve

3.6 Horsepower                     3.4 Horsepower

  1800 Watts                                 2200 Watts

20”                Length           19.8”

11.4”               Width            11.4”

16.7”               Height            17.9”

46.5 lbs.                 Weight          48 lbs.

.95 gallon          Tank Size       1 Gallon

     8 Hours           Run Time         10 Hours

Under ¼ Load

48dB            Noise Level         52dB

Honda makes Honda generators.

Westinghouse is a re-branded version of a generic Chinese generator sold to other companies under different brand names such as Champions, Generic.

Manufacturer's factory

Honda has a fuel shutoff switch that cuts off fuel to the carburetor, which allows the engine to continue to run, burning the fuel left in the carburetor before shutting down.  The feature lessens the buildup of deposits in the carburetor.  When the generator is put away for storage at the end of the season, this feature prevents any fuel in the carburetor from becoming stale and gummy up.

An OEM kit is available to allow the generator to also run on propane.

Westinghouse has a front LED display that shows the remaining run time, the power output in kilowatts, the remaining fuel, the output voltage, and two USB charging ports (one rated at 1.0 amps and the other 2.1amps at 5 volts).

Both generators have the option to be able to connect to another generator to increase the output of the generator.

ECO signAlso, an Eco-mode to increase fuel efficiency.  The Eco-mode will decrease the generator’s RPM when the demand for electric power is low and increase RPM when there is a higher demand for electrical power.

Each generator has a 20-amp circuit breaker on the front panel that will trip when the demand is over the 20 amp threshold.Circuit breaker  This is to protect the electronics in your TC as well as protect the generator’s electronics.

Oil level dip stick

Both generators have a low oil shut down feature installed to prevent damage to the engine when the oil level is below the manufacturer’s recommended level.


Available from Amazon
Oil funnel

Showing oil fill

Oil funnel with magnetic dipstick



*Westinghouse’s warranty has placed a maximum of 1000 hours that can be placed on the generator.  There is no such limit for Honda’s warranty.

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