Truck Camper EC-1200 Recall

2020 to 2021 Eagle Cap 1200
Serial numbers 51215 – 51249,
51270 – 51289, and 51325 – 51339

Galley slide bottom support roller
Service Bulletin Number: SBWA09-24-099



It has been identified that there may be two separate issues that affect

the galley slides on the 2020 and 2021 EC 1200 models.

2020 EC 1200

The wrong material was used on the 2020 EC 1200 galley slides roller mechanism.

2021 EC 1200

In the 2021 models, it is a combination of the wrong material being used and backing support being removed for the bottom face of the slide to reduce weight.  This will cause the bottom roller to break through the bottom face of the slide.


Both the 2020 and 2021 EC 1200 customers should contact a supporting dealer for inspection. Upon verification, a part kit and service instructions will be sent to the dealer.