Are You On The Level?

A level Truckcamper is more comfortable

An unlevel TC is annoying for sleeping and ensuring your bathroom and cupboard doors close correctly. In addition, a level TC is needed for the correct water level readings and to prevent slides from binding.  An “out of level” TC places unnecessary stress on the frame.

An annoying unlevel bed or inability to close a door can be seen and felt.  One experienced owner stated he levels his unit by leveling to the kitchen counter so sliced cumbers and carrots don’t fall on the floor.

What about the unseen – the liquid ammonia, water, and hydrogen mixture in your refrigerator?

Your  Refrigerator

The refrigerator in your TC needs to be level to work correctly.

Dometic Refrigerator
Dometic Refrigerator

Severe and permanent damage can come to a refrigerator that is tilted (unlevel) more than three degrees off from being level longer than 30 minutes.

This is because the gravity-fed chemical solution inside the refrigerator must constantly flow, or the circulation will stop.  Costly damages may not be immediate but will cause significant wear and tear over time.

Not To Get Too Technical

Not to get too technical – most Truck Camper refrigerators are classified as absorption refrigerators with a chemical reaction between liquid ammonia, water, and hydrogen. 

This mixture is heated in a boiler by propane or electric heat into a gas vapor. The ammonia flows into an evaporator by gravity. If the refrigerator is leveled, the gas vapor enters the evaporator coils in the refrigerator’s cooling unit.  The heat from inside the refrigerator is transferred to the ammonia in the evaporator coils, leaving the refrigerator’s storage cool.  The process is repeated again.

Leveling the Refrigerator

One method of leveling a truck camper is to:

  • place a nine-inch bubble torpedo level on the freezer plate inside the freezer

    9-inch Torpedo Bubble Level
    9-inch Torpedo Bubble Level
  • leveling the TC front to back (North/South). Keeping half of the bubble within the center
  • next level is the TC (East/West)
  • on the outside of the TC, attach a graduated bubble level (front to back) and adjust the level alignment to match the torpedo level in the freezer.

    Graduated Bubble Level
    Graduated Scale Bubble Level
A Mounted Graduated Scale Bubble Level Mounted On the Side Of the Slide-out – -Front of the TC is to the RIGHT.

Truck Campers can be leveled with the assistance of simple blocks or sophisticated Lego-like leveling kits that are wedged under the wheels of the truck until level. It’s best to level side to side first, and then front to back.