Truck Camper GFCI/GFI

A Must for Your Truck Camper –

An understanding of what is a GFCI or GFI

and why they are needed

GFI Outlet

Truck campers should be equipped with one Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter(GFI). GFI’s are fast-acting circuit breakers designed to shut off electric power in the event of a ground fault within as little as 1/40 of a second. Their fast action works by comparing the amount of current going to > and returning < from the appliance(s) or equipment. When the amount of electrical current going differs from the amount returning by approximately five mA (milliamperes), the GFI interrupts (stops) the current. The tripping of the electrical current is quick enough to prevent electrical shock or worse.

GFI Wiring

According to the National Electric Code (NEC 70), all wet and damp locations, including the kitchen, bathroom, and outside electrical plugs, require a GFI to reduce the possibility of electrical shock.

Test, and test again regularly

You should test the GFI outlet periodically to ensure that it will work when needed.

Testing a GFI:

  • Plug in an appliance such as a lamp or hair dryer into an outlet
  • Turn the unit on and press the”TEST” button on the GFI outlet.
  • The appliance should turn off, and the “RESET” button on the GFI should pop out. This action verifies that the electrical circuit has indeed been interrupted.
  • Next, press the “RESET” button, and your appliance should turn on again.

Should the test fail, REMOVE and REPLACE the GFI outlet.

DO NOT place two GFIs on the same electrical circuit.