Truck Camper Surge Protectors

You arrive at the campground – about to connect your truck camper to the power pedestal – is there a moment of hesitation or are you confident the

pedestal is wired correctly?Electrical panel on pedestal Is there an open neutral?   Are the lines properly phased?Lighting striking the ground



What protection do you have against a lightning strike during a thunderstorm?

Should you encounter a surge in power, have you considered the cost of replacing your electronic equipment?  Such as the computer(s) that is filled with your records and photos, Kindles/iPods, the microwave, refrigerator, HD television.  The camper’s equipment such as slide out(s) and/or jack motors control boards? Burned out electrical unit With today’s RV containing sophisticated and sensitive electronics, faulty electric power or a power surge can damage these appliances or electronics.

Question – should you encounter an electrical surge that damages your truck camper’s electronics, do you feel strong enough to hand crank in your slide-out(s) and raise your jacks?

options from one MANUFACTURER
Hard wire internally   OR   mount on the pedestal

Progressive Surge Guard

Progressive Surge Guard







Surge protectors are a necessary safety device.  Just as important as your CO2/LP gas and smoke detectors.