Truck Campers – It’s Road Trip Time

Road Trip sIGN

 When you come a fork in the road, take it.  –Yogi Berra, 2002

Why go on a road trip? Because they are adventures that you can create. Each road trip will create a different bond between you and family members while creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Each road trip will bring new adventure that you cannot experience while at home sitting on your couch.

Map of USA

How easy is it to plan a road trip?

You can plan road trips to where you and the family have never been while seated at your kitchen table.

Deciding where to go – researching what there is to see long the way. Map of Canada You may discover places that you never heard about before. Setting your own flexible timetable for each stop knowing that the itinerary can be changed as you travel.

Become spontaneous for a change.  Unleash your imagination.  Do it while you can.

As we travel the highways and byways, WiFi connections are limited.  Highlights of varies possible road trips you might consider will be posted when possible.  We will research each road trip for items and locations you may want to add to your bucket list.

It will be by no means the complete list of possibilities.  Just enough to help you to start planning.  It is up to you to write each chapter.

Possible road trips might include:

Pacific Coast Highway

Border to Border – Highway 93 Us border at Eureka, Montana to US 60 in Wickenburg, Arizona

The Road to Nowhere – Beginning at Swam River, Manitoba to Brownsville, Texas to Matamoros, Mexico

The Great River Road – aka GRR –
Local roads that follow the course of the Mississippi River through ten states

Appalachian Trail –
This driving route parallels the hiking trail from
Maine to Georgia

 Atlantic East Coast –
Eastport, Maine to Key West, Florida

The Great Northern States –
Washington to Maine

The Oregon Trail

The Loneliest Road –
Sacramento, California to Ocean City, Maryland

Route 66 –
The Mother of All Roads