Is Your Truck Camper Insured?

Protect your investment!

Your truck camper’s (TC)  insurance, at a bare minimum,
should cover you for a gaggle of risks.

What a gaggle of risks, you ask?

Consider (not limited to):

Collision  (including uninsured motorists)

Water and structural  damage from weather-related storms

Vandalism and theft

Mold and rodent damage

Liability coverage

Theft or Damage

Theft or damage to your personal possessions may have limited coverage under your TC’s or your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Some insurers will allow you to add additional coverage (called a rider) to your existing TC policy.  Some will not. You may also need additional coverage if you store your TC at a storage facility or a campground when not in use.

Adding a Rider

Consider adding, if needed, a separate rider to your policy to ensure that you have full coverage if it is not included in your insurance policy. This type of coverage will cover loss or damage when your camper is parked and not in use.

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Additionally, you will have to decide whether you want cash value or replacement cost coverage.  Insurers may provide replacement costs for up to 5 years from the date of manufacture. Older model campers may be exempted from collision coverage by some insurers.

When and where  

When and where is your TC covered?  Ask your insurance agent to show you where in the policy and/or in the rider what is covered, when, and where the TC is covered.  Some insurance companies will cover the TC ONLY when the TC is on the truck.  Should something happen while at home and the TC is off and sitting in your driveway, coverage may be under your homeowner’s policy. Ask.

Truck Camper Theft Safety Tips

Lower your jacks and store your remove inside
your camper and out of sight

Lock all doors, windows, and storage compartments when leaving your camper temporarily.

Photograph and make at least two copies of your TC’s nameplate or sticker that shows your camper’s:
Serial number

Place one copy of the photograph in your glove box – another copy at your home for safekeeping – while keeping one photograph on your Smartphone that will aid in expediting the filling out of a police report if needed.

This Webmaster’s thought and unsolicited view on this matter.

This is not a news flash – Not all insurance companies are created the same.  Some companies do not insure TCs.  When you find a company, their local agent may not own a TC or even know what a TC looks like.  Best to find an agent that owns a TC with a company that will insure you.

I personally prefer an agent that owns a TC.  An agent who knows and can relate to the family’s enjoyment from traveling, boondocking, exploring the great outdoors.  As well as the rich benefits and lasting memories a TC will bring to the family.

My current agent owns and camps with her family in their TC.

Any suggestions, comments – good or bad – please contact us at . Thank you.