History of North-East Truck Camper Jamborees

The Start – May 2007

The North-East Truck Camping (NETC) Jamboree got its beginnings as the results of a simple post on RV.net by a New Yorker, Mike Stryker.  He asked if there was any interest in putting together some type of gathering in the Northeast part of the USA for truck campers.

Recovering from an ankle injury at home, Mike Tassinari, AKA Old Mikeee, offered to take the reins and seek sponsors and donations from corporations who were involved in truck camping in one manner or another.  Even thoughNETC did not have a website at the time, Torklift International was contacted and embraced the idea thus becoming NETC ‘s first sponsor.

NETC held the first jamboree on May 17 -19, 2007 in Andover, Vermont at the Horseshoe Acres Campground.  22 TCers attended.

Original Plans

Original plans were to have one jamboree a year with seminars to share ideas about TCs and their maintenance.  This jamboree would also provide an opportunity to meet new people that shared a passion for truck camping.  A potluck supper was held on Saturday night and the 22 TCers headed out on Sunday with everyone having a great time and wanting to come back next year.

From one came many

Having a jamboree in New England for the local TCers was such a success that word spread within the TC community.   As a result of the popular demand, within six weeks a second jamboree was planned for September at a campground in Conway, NH.  This time 26 TCers attended.

Two years later

Two years later, the number of jamborees increased and, those attending expanded beyond the New England states.  One jamboree was held at Carlisle, PA where the attendance numbered 109 TCers.

Hot dog roast and wine testing?

Yes.  Planned activities also expanded at the jamboree to include a welcoming gathering on Thursday nights with appetizers or a dessert table.

Friday night might include wine tasting or some other treat.

For those interested TCers, Saturday seminars could possibility include checking each TC for height and providing stickers with the height, discussion on TC batteries, water, and electric systems, sharing of boondocking experiences, sharing past campsite experiences, discussion of future travel plans (the do and don’ts), portable generators, jack maintenance, emergency medical practice, loading and unloading of the TC, our beloved tanks and their maintenance and a number of other subjects relating to TCing.

For the ladies, Saturday mornings there were various art and crafts projects with Bingo in the afternoon.

Saturday evening includes a potluck dinner, a raffle table ending with Mickeee’s popcorn around a roaring campfire.

Sunday a breakfast provided by a corporative sponsor and cooked by some of the men before everyone departs the jamboree for the place beyond.


The schedule for future jamborees or gatherings can be found on:




North-East Truck Camping Jamboree has conducted nearly 60 jamborees in the past 13 years. 

“Thank you” Mikeee for your dedication to TCing and the NETC Jamborees.

Ole Mickeee –Chief Wagon Master

Any suggestions, comments – good or bad – please contact us at

webmaster@northeast-truckcampers.org. Thank you.