For the Truck Camper in Florida

The  National Naval Aviation Museum

An awesome activity for the Truck camping

family and it won’t cost you a cent.


Truck Campers will love this awesome activity in Florida with FREE admission.

National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola

The National Naval Aviation Museum is dedicated to preserving and displaying a wide range of memorabilia that shows the history and development of U.S. Naval Aviation, including Coast Guard and Marine Corps aviation.

There are tons of fun things to do in the Sunshine State, but not many are as fascinating, fun, and educational as the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola. Not only that, but admission to this amazing museum is free! Not just one day or night a week, but all the time. Donations are welcome, and there are extra charges for some of the optional activities, but they certainly will not break the bank.


You will be taken aback by the large 300,000 square feet museum and the 37 acres outside for exhibit space. The museum’s collection includes more than 150 incredibly restored historic and one-of-a-kind aircraft and spacecraft.


In addition to the memorabilia and aircraft on display, the museum features free guided tours, a 325-seat IMAX theater with a seven-story-tall screen, flight simulators, a museum store, and an on-site café.


Even the museum’s café is an exhibit. The Cubi Bar Café was designed to look like the famous Cubi Point Officers’ Club, including the display of thousands of authentic plaques that once adorned its walls.



Kennedy Space Center

Also, For the Truck camper, Kennedy Space Center

is another Awesome FAMILY Activity

rocket-launch-67649_640Your journey begins in the Atlantis theater, where they bring to life the story of the people who dared to do the impossible. With more than 60 interactive exhibits, it’s a moving celebration of humankind’s greatest achievements. Shuttle Launch Experience immerses visitors in the sights, sounds, and feelings of a Space Shuttle launch, an incredible journey of launching into space and orbiting Earth aboard a Space Shuttle.






City of Fernandina Beach

on Amelia Island

The Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival occurs during the first weekend in May.  Events and activities of the festival include vendors with seafood, arts, crafts, collectibles and antiques, live music, the Miss Shrimp Festival pageant, a fireworks display, and a pirate parade.


The city of Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island is the northernmost city on Florida’s Atlantic coast overlooking Amelia River. The Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival occurs during the first weekend in May. Events and activities of the festivals include vendors with seafood, arts, and crafts, live music, the Miss Shrimp Festival pageant, a fireworks display, and a parade.

Every Saturday, a Farmers Market downtown is a great place to purchase fresh shrimp and other baked goods.


Tarpon Springs

Tarpon Springs is about 20 minutes north of Clearwater, which has the highest percentage of Greek Americans in any city in the US.  With the discovery of sponge beds in the early 1900s, Tarpon Spring quickly became the Sponge Capital.290px-Tarpon_Springs_statueSpongesTarponSprings






Fort George Island Cultural State Park

 Fort George Island Cultural State Park – Native Americans feasted here, colonists built a fort, and the Smart Set of the 1920s came for vacations. A site of human occupation for over 5,000 years, Fort George Island, was named for a 1736 fort built to defend the southern flank of Georgia when it was a colony. Today’s visitors come for boating, fishing, off-road bicycling, and hiking. A key attraction is the recently restored Ribault Club. Once an exclusive resort, it is now a visitor center where small boats, canoes, and kayaks can be launched on the tidal waters.

Florida Flywheelers Antique Club

Truck campers can boondock at Florida Flywheelers Antique Club and flea market, which was founded in 1972 to promote interest in restoring, preserving, and exhibiting antique internal combustion engines, steam engines, antique tractors and autos, and other labor-saving devices from the by-gone years.

Flywheel Park has now grown to almost 240 acres and includes a tractor pull track, flea market, club, and member buildings that house displays, collections and many large engines.

Check their website for the flea market dates and events.

Displays and attractions:

An Operating sawmill – Antique Steam Engines, tractor pulls, and fire trucks -Farm Machinery – Agriculture museum – Old-time jail -Cracker house – Flea marker – Homemade Ice Cream – Kiddie pedal tractor pull – Antique engine & tractor parts – Crafts – Daily parades.

An Old Time Village includes Cabins, Barns, Church, Print Shop, Mercantile, Sawmill, Garages, Blacksmith, Schoolhouse, Hardware store, Woodworking Shop, Stables, Jail, Firehouse, Grape harvester building, Saloon, Tractor dealership, and more.


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