Badlands National Park of South Dakota

For Truck Campers Traveling Though South Dakota

Truck campers will agree that the Badlands of South Dakota are a place of extremes: visit in the summer and curse the heat and the violent lighting storms, yet you are excited by the wildlife and wildflowers – visit in the winter and be chilled by the cold and winds while marveling at the snow dusted buttes.

The prairie contains 60 species of grass that once covered one-third of North America.  Today patchwork remnants of native grass represent adaptations of millions of years of changing conditions and sustain a diverse citizenry.  The grassland occur because the land is too dry to support trees while being to wet too be considered a desert .

Once a thriving forest, now contains 60 species of grass and  hundreds of species of wildflowers that support black-tail prairie dogs, mule deer, pronghorn, bison, coyotes and bighorn sheep.