Planning a Road Trip?

If you are planning a road trip and looking for suggestions on a campsite or places of interest to stop at along the route, our Google map may assist you. Looking for a place to stay for the night or two while traveling or a campsite for a week, this map may provide possible suggestions.

Click on the map below. There are ten layers on the map –which can be displayed separately, or multiple layers can be displayed simultaneously.  The 1st layer flags are colored Yellow.

Note: If you do not see the Yellow flags, you did not do anything wrong.  It just means the Webmaster is on the site and adding more flags to the maps.  Do not let that stop you from viewing the map.  Depending upon your Internet speed, the load time for the map may take as long as 10 seconds.

Selecting the box at the top left of the map, labeled MASTER will provide access to turning on or off the various layers. Selecting the square box at the top right of the map and the wheel on your mouse will enlarge the map.

Ten (10) layers contain nineteen (19) various items of interest to truck campers and others while planning a road trip. The map is “a work in progress” and primarily based upon the recommendations from fellow truck campers. Updating the map and pages on the site occurs when internet service and time are available while we are on the road.

1st Layer 

Updated 2/20/2021

The YELLOW flags – are a list of camping sites that are either Free (free is always a good thing) or are less than $40 per night – they include Boondocking sites (ex. city, county parks), BLM sites, National Forests, National Parks, Corp of Engineers and some recommended state parks. As of today, this layer totals over 3006 locations.

Also, the GREEN flags – is the start of a list of camping sites in Canada. This list is currently “a work in progress” when time and the Internet are available. 

Also, the BLUE flags – is a list of Visitor Centers and District Offices where camping information such as maps, restrictions, etc. can be obtained. This list is currently also “a work in progress.”

NEW –Purple flags for Faithful Parking  – connects tired RVers looking for a place to rest overnight and faith-based groups with quiet, empty parking lots. Travelers get a good night of sleep, and the host receives a small donation.  Reservation and more information can be found on

2nd Layer

A partial list of Cracker Barrel Old Country Store locations where other truck campers have reported spending a night while passing through the area.  This list is currently “a work in progress”. 

3rd Layer –

A list of  Casinos that allow free overnight stays. Casinos that have adjacent RV parks are included. Please note – many casinos request that truck campers check in with security to be directed to the proper RV parking area.  This layer totals over 305 casinos.

4th Layer

Updated 2/20/2021

The BLACK flags – locations/items that you may want to consider adding to your Bucket List or is Worth A Visit such as Nature’s Wonders (waterfalls, caves, unusual sights, etc.) tour at manufacturer’s faculties and some museums that may be of interest to visit. Some of the tours are free and others cost.  As of today, this layer totals over 2214 locations.

TAN flags – are a participial list of interesting sites found along Route 66.  This list is currently also “a work in progress”. 

RED flags – are a participial list of Hot Springs. Note – some hot springs do not allow bathing suits.

BLUE flags – a partial list of Visitor Center.

NEW, GREEN Olive flags – trailheads for those that are adventurous.

5th Layer –

The BLACK flags – a layer of RV parks with 3 or less star rating (out a possible high of 5 stars) by other truck campers and RV campers.  The source for the rating is in the note for each site. Enough said about this list.  As of today, this layer totals 33 RV parks.

6th Layer

Updated 2/20/2021

The RED flags are for RV parks that have been recommended by other truck campers with the cost per night NOT taken into consideration. As of April 1st, truck camper and RV parks that charge over $50 per night may not be flagging.  This layer totals over 509 RV parks.

Also, GREEN flags -are for Harvest Host locations recommended by other truck campers. This list is currently also “a work in progress”. 

Also, BLUE flags are RV Campgrounds where clothing is optional.

7th Layer

The RED flags – Cabala’s or Bass Pro – are a good place for truck campers to stop for the night as you are passing through on the Interstate.  As of today, this layer totals over 136 locations.

8th Layer

The BLUE flags – National Park Sites that are not listed in the first layer.  As of today, this layer totals over 335 locations.

9th Layer

Updated 11/1/2020

This layer totals over 2107 dump stations.

The GRAY flags –Dump Stations locations or stations where a fee is charged.

Also, PURPLE flags are Dump Stations locations or stations where it has been reported NO FEE is charged. 

Also, Dump Stations along Interstates are also indicated.

Where Portable Water has also been reported to be available.

NEW as of July 12 – RED flags are locations where it has been reported that you can get PROPANE TANKS REFILLED.  This does that NOT include locations where tanks are SWAP OUT.  This list is currently also “a work in progress”. 

10th Layer

The ORANGE flags – a listing of restaurants and dinners that have been recommended by other truck campers.   As of today, this layer totals over 421 restaurants and dinners.

If you have a location(s) where you enjoyed visiting, camping at, and or dining at please send us an email at with a brief description in the subject line and we will add it to our map. We and other TCers will thank you.

We do not accept advertisements, collect email addresses or charge $$ for using this site. Thus, an error in detail or grammar is possible and will be corrected as soon as possible. 

Feel free to email us any suggestions, comments, or corrections that you feel need to  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

“Thank you & safe travels to you and your family”