Living Full Time in a Truck Camper

What’s living full-time in a truck camper really like?


Have you ever thought about what life would be like living and traveling in a truck camper full-time?  Even short week(s)  trips there may be questions of preparations, what to pack, how to keep in touch with family back home, what to do about laundry, etc.  Those questions that you were hesitant to ask or not sure where to find the answers to.

You can learn a wealth of information from those that travel the byways and highways “full-time”, the “Knights & Damsels of the Asphalt”.  There is a vast knowledge of information, both pros, and cons, on subjects such as boondocking, off-the-grid camping, as well as public and private campgrounds., WiFi and cell telephone coverage, essential gear, family destinations, the storage of stuff, safety, and security, etc. from these full-timers.  Soak up as much knowledge as possible from their experience.

full-timer travel Bloggers

Knights & Damsels of the Asphalt include Tina & Craig of Free As Wheel Ever Be,  – Jason & Abigail at Our Wandering Family  – Marshall and Kelly at Camp Addict,  – Joe and Kait from We’re The Russos,  – Al and Ingrid from Live, Laugh, RV,  – Jason and Rae also known as the Getaway Couple, – Mike and Susan at RVBlogger, –  Brian and Michelle of LivinRVision,  – Grey Wolf travel trailer, Campers and Campfires, –  The DeVries family, also known as Grateful Glamper.  Just to name a few bloggers.

full-time travel Videos on YouTube

Many seasoned TCers share their adventures, what it’s like to live full time in a TC, lifestyle tips, maintenance videos, explain where they do their laundry, etc. on their Youtube channel: Nat Moran with her 2009 Palomino Maverick and her three dogs,  – Scott and Sasha and their Cirrus 920,  – Chris and Lindsay with their four-legged companion Huckleberry in a 2004 Lance 845 on a flatbed,  – Canadian Taylor Dzaman in a 2017 Arctic Fox 990, – Nathen, Kristin and daughter Sienna in their 2022 Host Mammoth 11.6 truck camper – Guntars and Lonnie in their 2017 Cirrus 820.

The bloggers and cast from YouTube listed above are both RV and TC full-timers.  Their individual choice of vehicle does not diminish their enjoyment and enthusiasm for full-time traveling.   They represent a small community that makes up the Knights & Damsels of the Asphalt.

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And then there is Facebook

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