Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier, Washington

A mountain of immeasurable inspiration, Mount Rainier is the center of the nation’s fifth national park.

At 14,10 feet, the mountain is the tallest volcano in the Cascade Mountain Range and the most glaciated peak in the continental United States.   Glaciers, massive rivers of ice up to 750 feet deep, flow down the rocky slopes.  Yet, on the summit, steam escapes from deep within the mountain’s core, a reminder that it is still an active volcano.

Unforgettable destinations
within the park:


Carbon River






Camp,  hike, picnic, and explore beneath towering old-growth trees.  Many day hikes begin at Ohanapecosh.



Lush vegetation and giant old-growth trees.


During the summer, hike the maintained trails around meadows, streams, and waterfalls



The highest point in the park reachable by a truck camper offers a panoramic view of Mount Rainier and surrounding peaks.  Day hikes to glaciers, lakes, and meadows.  Camp at nearby White River Campground.



Stroll the edge of a meadow where history meets nature.  Day hike to expansive vistas and discover rustic park architecture along the Longmire Historic Walking Tour.



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