Boondocking – Dispersed Camping – Free Camping – Off the Grid

Truck campers call it boondocking, dispersed camping, free camping, dry camping, or off the grid; they are all the same.  Camping overnight in your truck camper at a location where the camping sites are either free or cost truly little.  Some TCers may frown on the thought of camping without readily available accommodations such as water, showers, toilets, sewer, or the camping lifestyle that can be found at campgrounds.

The Benefits

The obvious benefits to truck campers when boondocking include saving the expense of high campground fees.  The ability to choose/pick a quiet site far from the noise and lights of civilization, not to mention from other campers. Not being plugged into or connected to electrical, water, or sewer can create a sense of adventure and freedom not found at campgrounds or while at home sitting on your couch watching tv.  Such boondocking sites and locations can be found on Federal and public lands, Bureau of Land Management (BLM), National and State Forests, National Monuments, trailheads, and at some county/town public parks.

How long is too long?

Boondocking or dispersed camping can be for one night as you travel from point A to point B.  Other TCers may spend weeks “off the grid boondocking” in remote locations enjoying the raw beauty of Nature’s best.  Away from noise found in all cities/towns such as sirens, cars, heavily populated areas, and those living next door.  If you do not like the boondocking site, you choose, leave, and move on to another site.

Where do you find boondocking sites?

A map for truck campers of boondocking sites map is located on our web page “Planning a Road Trip?.  The first layer, sites colored in yellow, is a list that includes sites on Federal and public lands, BLM, National, and State Forests, National Monuments, trailheads, and some county/town public parks.  In addition, state parks that other truck campers have recommended are also included.  The sites on the map range in cost from $0.00 to $30.00 at state parks.

Is it safe for Truck Campers to Boondock?

Yes, it is – if it weren’t, there would be no boondocking allowed on Federal land.

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