S.O.A.P. for Your Truck Camper



Spectroscopy Oil Analysis Program.

Routine oil sampling of your truck’s engine oil can be beneficial and is the key to a successful maintenance program. Oil testing provides essential information to determine the condition of your engine, either diesel or gasoline.Truck camper motor

Baseline of normal wear can be established during the first few oil changes. 

As your mileage increases, Engine gaugea regular maintained sampling program of testing when you change the oil can indicate valuable information about the health of the engine/oil and when abnormal wear or contamination is occurring.

Routine S.O.A.P. provides:

  • Lubricant Condition: A lubricant’s condition can reveal whether the fluid is healthy and fit for further service or ready for a change. Will indicate if the interval between oil changes need to be adjusted.
  • Identification of Contaminants: The increase of contaminants, such as dirt, water and engine wear is the leading causes of engine degradation and failure. Increased contamination indicates it is time to take action in order to save the oil and avoid unnecessary engine wear.
  • Indication of Engine Wear: Wear particles can be generated at an exponential rate in an unhealthy engine. The detection and analysis of these particles assist in making critical maintenance decisions. Engine failure due to worn out components can be avoided.

It is undeniable that knowing what is happening inside your engine and early problem detection is vital to predictive maintenance,  Routine oil analysis will alert you to potential problems, save you time, money, and protects your engine.


Oil collection kits are FREE – Sample analysis cost


A Sample the  of Analysis You Will Receive

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