Our First Event for 2021


Boondocking Knowledge Shindig

Weekend of April 30

Gettysburg Campground

2030 Fairfield Rd – Gettysburg, PA


Wagon Masters will be Lee and Beth

Fill your LP tanks, top off the water, fully charge your batteries and

join the Boondocking Knowledge Shindig of 2021.

Truck camper boondocking
Truck camper boondocking

Share your knowledge, expertise, and experience on boondocking with others truck campers.  You might even learn a trick or two to round out your boondocking wisdom.

Bring your tips and tricks for boondocking for sharing or bragging.

Truck camper boondocking
Truck camper boondocking
Another TC boondockingher
Another TC boondocking






This is not a jamboree – rather a gathering with good friends – old and new.

When you call the campground ask for a site near site 111.

Ask for a site near 111
Ask for a site near 111, not 139.

… we do not take a trip; a trip takes us.
John Steinbeck

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