New Mexico

Bandelier National Monument

An example of ancient culture exists just across the border in New Mexico at Bandelier National Monument. Trace the Ancestral Pueblo people from their nomadic hunter-gatherer roots over 10,000 years ago to 1550, when they shifted their homes from the cliffs here to pueblos along the Rio Grande.Ranger presenting tour to visitors in Cliff Palace

At Bandelier, experience 33,000 acres of canyon and mesa country at its finest. A few short, accessible hikes lead to up-close views of the ancient ruins and to prime examples of petroglyphs on the walls of Frijoles Canyon. Many other longer hikes take you further into the canyon and along the mesa, mostly in designated wilderness areas.

Conditions at Bandelier change considerably according to the season. Check the website or call for advice on preparing, especially for longer hikes or overnight trips. Consider planning a visit around the park’s Fall Fiesta to learn more about Pueblo people’s past and present. Fires and floods affected Bandelier National Monument in 2011 and access to the park have changed, including bus-only entrance to Frijoles Canyon. Check the website for the latest information.

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