Truck Campers Let’s Go Camping – Update for 2022

For those Truck Campers that were not able to attend the 2020 Gettysburg Jamboree, Master Wagon Master Ole Mickeee announced that all Northeast Truckcamper  Jamborees has been canceled until further notice.



“Let’s Go Camping

Truck Camper Gatherings

For 2022

Hopeful face







Our Master Wagon Master is in the final negotiation with private campgrounds for the upcoming 2022 camping season.  Once the schedule has been finalized, we will post the names of the campgrounds and dates.

Note – reservations at state or private parks are for individuals and not NETC as a group.  It is totally your responsibility to make a reservation – thus there are no discount rates available at the state parks.

The “Chuck Wagon” that was a familiar sight at past Jamborees will not be making the trip in 2022.

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