From our Wagon Master Mikeee

Dear fellow Truckcampers:

This has truly been a challenging year for all of us and I hope that you are all safe and ready for some RVing.

So, the North-East Truck Camping Jamboree is open for business and unless something catastrophic happens.

Blackthorne Resort and The Phases

This past Tuesday (June 9), I drove to New York and met with Joe Zecca and the owners of the Blackthorne Resort.  We had a very positive meeting and we are happy to say that we are all set to go.  Green County NY is where the Blackthorne Resort resides.  They are already in Phase 2 and next week will go into Phase 3 of the Corona-Virus guidelines.  Phase 4 may start in mid-July, 2020.

So what does the Coronavirus mean for the North-East Truck Camping Jamboree and what steps can we take to be social responsible and still go forward with our Jamborees.

The Blackthorne Resort Covid-19-Corona virus statement

The Blackthorne Resort has a Covid-19-Corona virus statement that all are encouraged to read for full disclosure.  Hopefully the worse is behind us, but we must be sensitive to the guidelines put in place to help keep us safe. Nonetheless, the requirements in place today will most likely be different when we arrive in early August.  The owners of the Blackthorne Resort were very optimistic that we should be able to do everything we have planned for this Jamboree.

As a group, we should be practicing at our Jamborees:

    1. Each Jamboree will have to be evaluated based on where they are located and what information is available in the State / County where the Campground is located.
    2. Social distancing is stated as important and should be adhered to by your comfort level.
    3. Make areas of gathering safe and compliant by making “work groups” of 10 or less. Use this as a proactive theme to introduce “Newbies” with “Seasoned” participants.
    4. Ask for Newbies to be placed with seasoned folks for any seminars and or Meet & Greets in those “groups of 10 or less” to facilitate compliance.
    5. Larger gathering areas can be used to manage appropriate groups within social distancing expectations.
    6. Face coverings and regular hand washing can be effective to prevent contracting or spreading a virus.
    7. Encourage socially distant at social gatherings, let’s be creative and positive. Be familiar with any signs or symptoms that can associate with a virus. Low grade fevers, coughs and congestion, fatigue and feeling worn down are just some symptoms.

Ultimately it is up to you – – if you wish to participate it’s your personal responsibility to keep yourself safe as well as others.

Educate yourself about symptoms, assess yourself regularly and be intentional about your participation.

Should you decide not to participate, please stay safe and take care of yourself, limit your comments about those of us that do choose to participate.

If you choose to participate, please stay safe and take care of yourself and others, and limit your comments about those of us that choose not to participate.

Please understand there is a shared responsibility between all of us!

I am pleased to say that we have gained over 20 new members who have contacted me this past winter & spring to add their information to our master Email list. This puts us very close to 700 Emails that I have on file. You all have done extremely well in getting out the word about our group and what we have accomplished.

Thank You!

Actual dates of this Jamboree:
Arrival: Wednesday, August 5, 2020
Depart: Sunday: August 9, 2020

You may arrive as early as Sunday, August 2, 2020 and still get our negotiated discount.
Campsite rates: 1 person & 1 RV: $18.00 per night
2 persons or more & 1 RV: $36.00 per night

If you’re an active or retired military veteran, you and only you will get a $2.00 per night discount.

In addition to the campground fee, there will be the usual registration fee of $15 per person. This year we are keeping this fee at $15, the same as in the previous years. Next year, however it will be going up.

All sites come with a minimum of a dedicated 20 amp electrical circuit and water.

The Campground has informed me that they should have enough picnic tables for every other RV.

No sewer is available where we are camping, but pump-outs are free with enough notice to campground personnel. There are also dump stations at the resort.

Please Note:
Our agreement with the campground calls for us to collect all campground site fees.

Please do not call the campground to make a reservation.

I’m taking the email reservations.  Joe Z. gave me a list of those of you who have reserved with him, so I already have those reservations.  In the next
week or so I will be sending a confirmation to all who reserved with him.  If you have not already reserved with Joe and are attending this Jamboree please drop Mikeee a note at his Email: .  Once I get your Email, I will send you out a confirmation notice that I am holding a site for you.

Our sites are in the open field directly behind the pavilion. We will be parking your RV on a first come first serve basis – side by side – and work our way around the pavilion. We will then start a second row and then a third row.  If you want your site to be near someone I strongly urge the both of you to show up together at the Blackthorne Resort.  I am NOT going to create open spots period. Once you
have checked in with the campground office, they will direct you to the field where Joe and I will help you park your rig.

There is no need to send me any money and we can settle up once you arrive. We do not accept debit or credit cards, and appreciate if you can pay in cash.
We have the list of those of you who signed up  and I will be contacting you to confirm you are still attending this Jamboree.

Now it is too early to tease you with what the Zecca’s have planned for this Jamboree, but I do want to tell you about one of the things we do have planned.

The Blackthorne Resort has a huge dining room that can hold hundreds of people. (pre-Covid of course).  So Joe and I decided to take advantage of this venue and have a sit down dinner (Not a buffet). I cannot ever remember a campground that could offer a dining room where we can all meet and dine together. So this is what the Campground has put together for us:
For $20.00 per person you get Soup, Salad, Veggies, main Entrée, Soda, Coffee, Tea and Dessert; this includes the tax and tip!!!

For those wishing a stronger beverage there will be a cash bar.
This will happen on Friday night – (((time to be determined)))

Now saying that, all I am looking for is a count on the number of people that might want to join us.

There is no commitment at this time. Most likely what will happen is once I get a yea/na answer for this event to go forward, I will once again contact you and ask for your commitment to attend this dinner?

Please note:
This sit down dinner that is described above will only happen if the restaurant is open for business and the guidelines are such that in indoor event of this nature can go forward.

Our usual Friday night dinner will be moved to Thursday night.

On Saturday we will have our usual pot luck dinner.